Friday, October 22, 2010

Need a hug

Well I figure since I need to get what I'm feeling out why not do where I can have people give me some pick me ups. So I was dating this girl for a almost a year last year we were really close. We had basically everything in common and from day one we were always making each other smile. Well near our 10 months I thought I would try and talk to an ex of mine to be friends and bury the hatchet. Here where the mistake starts. I started talking to her and she instantly starts telling me how she heard that the girl I was dating was whinier version of her. I ignored her at first, but as she kept saying it I started to think it. The she says why don't you just date me again and stop dating her. My dumb ass thinking it makes sense broke up with somebody that I really loved and cared for more than I even knew I could. What do you know I start dating the ex and 2 weeks later she dumps me. No surprise there right. So summer comes and I am arguing with myself through out it to just get back with the girl I was dating because I know she cares for me and I care for her, but every time I am about to do I back out cause I remember how I hurt her and I don't want to do that again. Well the summer is over and now she is dating some one and I am dating some one. I am having a hard time getting over her now, but there is nothing I can do she wants to be with this new guy and I don't want to ruin it cause he is a good friend of mine. I care about the new girl I am with but not like I the last one. I wish I hadn't screwed things up but there is really anything I can do about it now. Let me just moving on from someone is painful and it sucks.
Thanks for listening

Josh Tree

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