Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I hate Beiber

So I went to the movies last weekend with my girlfriend to see Mega mind, and to my EXTREME DISTASTE they are already making a movie about how hard it was for Justin Beiber coming up and trying to make it in music. Okay now this is just fucking ridiculous. I remember when you had to actually be a influential band for more than I don't know a year to be considered for you own movie. For example, the band Anvil went for 30 years trying to make in on there own and are still trying to, and it took them that long to even be considered for a movie about how hard they have it. Okay Justin Beiber did not fucking have it hard. He did what every other no talent good looking person in the pop scene does. Sing about love and not giving up and dreams and life because they have any fucking clue how hard it is.

Thanks for listening,
Josh Tree

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