Sunday, January 30, 2011

Is this all I was

Is that all I was

Was I just the guy you flirted with and did stuff with while you were single. Was I the person that as long as the words “I have a girlfriend” never left my lips you knew I was your puppet. Are you that low that you are blaming me for you insecurities and problems. Are you ever gonna take the time to read this and catch that any of it is about you.
Well I don’t care what you think when you read this. I don’t care how sorry you are or how much you think one more chance will be all you need. I am done. I am not your fall back to use when ever you are in a relationship that isn’t steady. I am not the person you beat up on when you have had a shitty day and can’t maturely get your emotions out. I am done beating this dead horse that was are attempt at a friendship. The only that I really like about you anymore is that you make it easy to be a good writer because you are so used to living your life with a plot or drama you have no idea YOU are the reason that YOU are alone and that YOU are the reason that when guys scratch your surface and see what is underneath they realize you are not what they thought you were.
I don’t hate you. I am not grateful for the part you played in my life, and for the first time I regret that I cared about you enough to give you my virginity I am nothing to you for you are nothing. You a symbiont and you live your life off of others because YOU know that one day YOU will be alone and YOU will starve and die because the host you have leeching off of is gone and is no longer giving you the affection and attention that you need to thrive. You are nothing and that is all you will ever be, and I hope that someday you will see this and when you do I hope you fall hard and no one catches you so that you get a taste of real life.


  1. Would be nice to break up the text a little...kinda hard to read.

  2. Ditto, but nevertheless dude that sucks and it happens to most guys once in their lifes

  3. sounds like you're having some relationship problems, eh? :/ sorry bud..

  4. Plenty of girls around dude, don't let it get you down

  5. this was to an ex who wanted to be friends again and turned out to be the same old bitch so no worries