Sunday, January 30, 2011


So last night was awesome. My friend Chris had a scary game night at his where we had someone play Dead Space 2 and we watched with all the lights off. Well it was cool the game didn't scare me to much, but that is probably just because I wasn't playing it lol. The only sad part is that Chris was sick most of the day so he couldn't make it down to chill. He came down for a little bit later on in the night, but for the most part we asked him to rest.
The only sad part is now I sit in Chris's room as he cuddles with my friend/ex girlfriend. I don't mind it because we are both over the past it just sucks that I don't have that. I don't have the person to cuddle with everyday and see most days. I can't take care of/ be taken care of by the person that I love because they are in another city. I love my girlfriend and I am making this distance work because I know it will not be forever. Just miss the days the closeness that I am seeing expressed between my two friends right now. I know that I sound very depressive and I apologize to anyone actually reading this. I just had something on my mind that I needed to get out. I know it is cheesy, but when it comes to needing to vent or getting this out the saying from the movie Shrek, "Better out than in." is a very good one because holding in your problems doesn't solve anything, but getting them out can help you figure somethings out.

Josh Tree


  1. Just be happy for your friend. How's dead space 2 btw

  2. Fifth post I see about dead space today haha :) Keep us updated!

  3. It was good didn't really scare me